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Style with Impact

Fostering community through
shared fashion

Cultivating community & sustainability through the exchange of gently used clothing.

To cultivate an inclusive and sustainable fashion ecosystem that facilitates the exchange of gently used clothing among women.

A world where all women have access to a diverse and sustainable wardrobe while honouring and continuing the tradition of gifting clothing to empower and uplift each other.


Facilitating clothing exchanges, promoting sustainable fashion, supporting women in need, empowering confidence and self-worth, fostering community and solidarity, reducing textile waste, collaborating with organizations, measuring impact, advocating for sustainable fashion, and preserving cultural heritage.

What We Do

We’re on a mission to revolutionize fashion while empowering women and preserving cultural heritage. Our platform facilitates the exchange of gently used clothing among women, promoting sustainability and reducing textile waste.

With a focus on serving Black Canadian communities, particularly women, we address racial barriers by providing access to clothing that celebrates African heritage.

By fostering pride and self-expression, we enhance dignity and worth within the Black community.

Board of Directors

Dayirai C Kapfunde


Rehana Malik-Mbanga


Rumbidzayi Rushambwa


Emily M Khalema


Leslie-Ann Kapfunde


Anastasia Dangare


Neisau Maria


“As we engage in this gifting process, we each are saying: I want you to feel good, loved, thought of, seen, loved, validated, and celebrated.”

– Roo

“When people ask me where I got my clothes, I’ll just say it is from my sister’s closet.”

– Nei

“I believe that women personify ‘Ubuntu’ by empowering each other through sharing, exchanging, and gifting clothing to help transform wardrobes and positively impact how we show up for ourselves and others.”

– Day

“When my sister gives me something, I treasure it!”

– Em

“Sisters Fostering Relationships and Empowering Each Other Through Clothing!”

– Rey

"Essentially, ‘From My Sista’s Closet’ uses clothing to reach each other through a community of care for others."

– Anna

“I love sharing stories about what our clothes represent: the closeness of sisterhood and the love and connection shared.”

– Sara

“We all have had times when we have struggled with a low sense of self and confidence, and this was reflected in how we dressed and showed up. I like knowing that my sisters have my back and help me feel better.”

– Les